Health Plans

Individual Health Insurance

Solo practitioners or attorneys who apply for coverage only for themselves and their family members (without including employees of the law firm) must be able to show medical evidence of good health in order to obtain coverage. Contact the Trust staff for individual health insurance quotes or run your own quotes from our website.

Small Group Health Insurance

Attorneys and employees that apply together as an Eligible Small Employer (a law firm with at least 2, but not more than 50 individuals) are issued coverage without regard to health status related factors. Such Small Employers may apply for coverage under any of the health insurance plans available through the Trust. The rates are deteremined separately for each law firm. To request estimated base prices please complete the Small Group Quote Request Form. Please allow three working days for estimated base rates.

All applications for individuals and Small Employer Groups will need to be completed and returned to:

State Bar of Texas Insurance Trust
206 E. 9th Street, Suite 1501
Austin, Texas 78701

Hospital Daily Benefit Plan

You may also purchase an additional hospitalization benefit at very afforadable rates. The plan pays a daily amount for each day you or a covered family member is confined to the hospital. If you are in the intensive care unit or receiving inpatient cancer treatment the daily benefit doubles automatically. There is no deductible to meet and you may spend the money any way you wish.

There are six Hospital Daily Benefit Plans to choose from. All six plans function exactly the same way. The differences are in the benefit amount and the dates on which payment begins.

To request covereage under the Hospital Daily Benefit Plan, please complete the Hospital Daily Benefit Selection Form as well as the Individual Health Statement for each family member. Return all forms to the Trust Office at the address below. Please do not send money at this time. You will receive a statement after your coverage is approved.

State Bar of Texas Insurance Trust
206 E. 9th Street, Suite 1501
Austin, Texas 78701

Who is Eligible to Apply:

  • Attorneys - All members of the State Bar of Texas.
  • Employees - All employees of an "Eligible Employer Unit" who are working full-time (30 hours or more per week). An "Eligible Employer Unit" is a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation engaged primarily in the practice of law with at least one full-time employee who is not a member of the State Bar of Texas.
  • Law Students - All students currently enrolled in a Texas law school and members of the Law Student Division.
  • Eligible Dependents: Spouse/domestic partner and unmarried children less than 26 years old. Children include legally adopted children and step-children and foster children who depend on the attorney/employee for support and maintenance. Children also includes grandchildren if they are considered dependents for federal income tax purposes.