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Helping Law Students

As a law student, your entire career and future are ahead of you. Now is the time to begin planning for your future and to protect yourself from what life throws your way. We are pleased to advise that the SBOTIT has partnered with Prudential to provide guaranteed issue term life insurance to all freshmen law students enrolling within 90 days of the eligibility date (first day of class of the second semester). The guaranteed issue amount is $50,000. This coverage is available at a special low rate that applies until you graduate from law school. Students not enrolling during the special enrolment period have to provide medical evidence of insurability in order to qualify for coverage.

Should you have any questions, contact us by calling 800-460-7248 or e-mail info@sbotit.com.

As a member of the Law Student Division you are also eligible to apply for health insurance coverage. For further information, go to the Plan Information/Health Plans page.