Why Choose SBOTIT?

The Trust has been serving the life and health insurance needs of Texas attorneys and their employees since 1948.

While attorneys applying for individual and family coverage must provide medical evidence of insurability in order to be covered, Small Employer law firms (2-50 attorneys/employees) located in Texas are eligible for health insurance coverage through the Trust without documented medical eligibility. This unique benefit guarantees all employees of such organizations access to competitively priced and comprehensive health insurance.

What distinguishes the Trust from other agencies?

  • All trust agents are salaried and do not receive any commissions.  That means you and your employees get the plan that is most beneficial to you rather than the plan that will earn an agent the highest commission.
  • Agents in other agencies are often times more interested in selling than servicing accounts.  The Trust's agents are here to provide exemplary service throughout the life of the policy, that's why we say "Put Your Trust In Us."
  • The Trust staff has direct contacts at Aetna available to them to assist our insureds with claim and underwriting issues.  You shouldn't have to deal directly with the insurance carrier on your own, we work on behalf of Texas lawyers so that they receive service after policies are sold.
  • The Trust has never increased premiums on an individual attorney due to high claim expenses.  Under the Individual Plans, rate increases are applied equally to all insureds within the same age bracket and in the same benefit plan.
  • The Trust will not single out an individual or law firm for termination due to adverse claim experience.
  • Once an attorney qualifies for coverage through the Trust under one of the Association products, that participant will always pay the same rate as all other participants in the same age bracket under the same benefit plan.
  • The Trust is managed by Trustees appointed by the President of the State Bar of Texas.  The Trustees have a fiduciary duty to maintain and operate the Trust for the benefit of Trust members.
  • The Trust's Association plans are fully insured through subsidiaries  of Aetna, Inc., which consitutes one of the largest providers of health care benefits in the nation.
  • In the event of an attorney's death while an insured is covered under one of the Association products, the Trust will continue to insure the surviving spouse for life except in the event of re-marriage.  Dependent children can also retain coverage following the death of the member as long as they maintain their eligible dependent status.